Your Cybersecurity AI Wingman

Feeling overwhelmed by cybersecurity tasks?

We understand the struggle: endless data, manual work, and the constant pressure to stay ahead. That’s why we built Peak Defence AI. To automate the tedious stuff, guide you towards smart decisions, and get you ready for anything, fast.

Stop drowning in paperwork and focus on the real threats.


Change Management

Manage Changes Effortlessly

Make secure changes quickly without compromising speed. We provide the knowledge your team needs and identify vulnerabilities proactively.


Risk Management

Prioritise Risks Confidently

Peak Defence AI guides you through risk management, prioritising threats and suggesting solutions.


Compliance Management

Achieve Compliance Efficiently

Reduce resources needed for compliance while ensuring you meet regulations and standards.


Certification Management

Simplify Audits

Automate audits to save time and resources while ensuring you’re prepared for anything.


Awareness and Training

Engage in Learning

Tailor training to individual knowledge levels, making it relevant and engaging for your team.

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Start using Peak Defence AI today and elevate your security posture through intelligent solution for comprehensive information security.

Chat-based Security Help

Get answers to security questions instantly in Slack and Teams. Our AI Wingman learns from your feedback to keep improving.

Faster Security Questionnaires

Respond to security surveys quickly by automatically pulling relevant information.

Threat Modeling

Identify potential security issues mentioned in your team chats and get guidance on how to address them.

Personalised Reminders

Receive reminders and notifications tailored to your specific needs and context.

Organised Tasks and Plans

Create and manage tasks related to security with clear workflows.

Simplified Asset Management

Easily track and link your security assets to relevant controls and risks. Gain a clear overview of your security posture.

Compliance Made Easy

Achieve compliance with various regulations like ISO 27001, DORA, NIS2, SOC 2, GDPR, and more.

Effortless Audits

Streamline audits with automated evidence gathering for both initial checks and deeper reviews.

Smart Policy Creation

Get help building clear and relevant security policies and procedures for your organisation.

Identify Compliance Gaps

Quickly find areas where your organization needs improvement to meet compliance standards.

Tailored Training

Get personalised training programs based on individual risk exposure and knowledge levels

Data-driven Risk Analysis

Identify, categorize, and prioritize risks effectively using data-driven insights.

Identify Supplier Risks

Uncover potential security risks from new suppliers and pinpoint terms that might impact your security.

Track Requirements

Keep track of contractual security obligations and allow relevant stakeholders to access details about your security controls at a level you define.

Seamless Integrations

Use your existing Google or Microsoft login and ntegrate Peak Defence AI with your existing security platforms.

Stop the Security Scramble. Get Your AI Wingman!

We’re live and continue building a comprehensive and intuitive Peak Defence AI solution, but spots are limited to ensure top-notch support during this early phase. Sign up today and experience “security for good” with Peak Defence AI.